Google Buzz: Facebook for the Twitter Generation

Today’s big tech news is Google Buzz, Google’s entry into social networking. As ever, Google has smartly integrated its newest feature into the stuff you’re already using. Over the course of yesterday Google was rolling Google Buzz out, and by now it should have appeared in your Gmail account under the “Inbox” tab. It’s pretty much just status updates, photos, and comments, and if you’ve got Gmail, you’re already signed up and the same people who can see you in Gmail chat can follow you in Buzz. It’s like Twitter in your gmail.

This week Facebook also reconfigured its homepage, much to many users’ chagrin, so Google picked a good week to launch, when many people are pissed with their current social networking options.

So, publishing community, who among you will be using Google Buzz? Twitter is already one of the major ways the publishing world talks to itself. No doubt many Twitter clients will soon be integrating Buzz, so you can send out your tweets on Buzz at the same time. And, given how confusing corporate email can be, many businesses use Gmail–eBookNewser has a Gmail account. The questions is whether Google Buzz will be used professionally as well as personally. Publishers and book people, do you plan to use Buzz for your work?