Google+ Business Profiles May Be Competition for LinkedIn

When we think of a professional social networking, LinkedIn comes to mind because it is dedicated to business people worldwide. LinkedIn has over 100 million members. CEO Jeff Weiner proclaimed, “We’re now growing at roughly one million new LinkedIn members every week, the equivalent of a professional joining the site at faster than one member per second.” However, LinkedIn’s success may experience some tough competition with Google+, who’ve recently announced its Profiles for Business app.

According to TechLeash, the product is now ready for users who have activated Google Apps for business with the monthly fee of $5. Google openly stated that the goal is to test the Business Profiles, so all the bugs in the feature are removed before the official release. LinkedIn’s dominance in the professional field may slowly come to an end.

Profiles for business apps works differently than LinkedIn, but can fulfill the same purpose. The users have Circles which will let them categorize lists of friends and to send selective content. The business profiles would then communicate to individuals by groups, such as departments. Associates who work together will be able to share information and collaborate on projects. Hangouts feature adds video chatting and instant meeting to the Profiles for Business as well.

Additionally, Google guarantees incorporating Analytics tools into the Business Profiles, so that users can track the efficiency of marketing campaigns with Google. Analytics tool is a specialty that LinkedIn cannot deliver yet, which may pull some of its members over to Google+.