Google Books for mobile: Android & iPhone

[iPhone] MobileViews: Google Books for mobile on

While reading about enhancements to Google Books…

New Features on Google Books

…I wondered if it is available for mobile viewing and found that it is indeed and found at:

However, it is only optimized for Android and iPhone smartphones. You can see my short 12 second tour of it in the embedded video above.

There are two aspects of Google Books for mobile that I found interesting.

1. If you tap on a page, you can see the original scanned image (smudges and all)
2. Text pages are groups in sections of 10 pages. And, these sections can be read by scrolling vertically. This is very different from the attempts to mimic single page turns in other ebook readers. I find vertically scrolling through groups of 10 pages to be a better way to read on the small iPhone screen.

So, if you are ever in need of something to read on your Android phone or iPhone, take a look at Google Books. You might find something free to read to pass the time.