Google+ Battles Facebook for Social Login Dominance [Infographic]

Google+ might not have the numbers to topple the leading social network yet, but don’t underestimate its potential for growth. This infographic shows how Google has used its social login feature to beat out Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo! and Windows Live.

“Social login” refers to the way people use their login credentials from one site to access another, creating a sort of Internet ID card that speeds up the process of creating a new profile.

Facebook feeds a whole ecosystem of smaller companies like Pinterest and Spotify that use the social login to access Facebook’s fast network of members. In return, the smaller sites show Facebook what its members like to do outside the network, which is valuable information in the advertising business.

Google has taken something it was already doing well — Gmail — and made it the access point for all of its other services, including YouTube and search. Not all of these services require a login, but many people are opting in. The infographic below shows that 31 percent log in with Google+, compared to the 45 percent who use Facebook.

While Facebook is still the leading network for social logins, Google+ is well ahead of Yahoo!  and Windows Live, both of which offer email. It’s also ahead of Twitter, a larger social network that’s used more for news and public interactions than exchanging personal information. Niche sites like LinkedIn and MySpace are just barely in the race.

Mobile usage has also played its part in increasing the number of social logins: nothing is worse than having to type in a long email address when you’ve only got two thumbs.

Check out more statistics in this infographic from the social login and sharing platform Janrain. (Click on the image to see a larger version).