Google Bans “Reddit is Fun” Android App for Sexually Explicit Content

The cool Reddit is Fun Android app, which we covered recently, was banned from the Google Play store today due to a “violation of the sexual explicit material provision,” which obviously meant that somebody who tested Reddit is Fun was able to access sexual content using the application.  The creator, Andrew Shu, was surprised by the situation and posted first on Reddit, and then over on Google+ to get more attention.  A Google employee responded to him on Google+ to address his concerns.

After he found out his application was banned, he posted to Reddit saying he hadn’t expected this and asked the community to help him figure out how to appeal.  Shortly after he posted to Google Plus and quickly got a response from Dave Nicponski, a Google employee, saying that the “right people at Google are going to contact” him about the problem.

There still hasn’t been word on whether his app will be put back up, but as a regular user of Reddit is Fun, I hope that everything’s OK for Andrew.