Google+ April Traffic Jumps 5% Over March

Google is clearly pushing Google+ on all fronts, with several updates per week, and it looks like it is helping them improve their traffic.  Experian Hitwise recently reported that the total US visits to Google+ increased 5% in April 2012 vs. March 2012 with over 64 million visits.

This makes sense as Google has been having some success with their Google+ Hangouts, which are drawing celebrities like Conan O’Brien and their expansion to improve their mobile offerings.  The company has also launched a few television campaigns and has begun to integrate Google+ into its other properties like Google News and the Google Bar.  The service seems ubiquitous to Google users, and they’ve established themselves as the place to go if Facebook doesn’t work out.  This reminds me of a chess strategy for beginners, where rather than attempting to beat the other player, you play your own game and wait for your opponent to make a mistake.

The question is, will Facebook make a mistake?  They have had missteps so far but their users have forgiven them (after a lot of empty threats).

Take a look at the Tweet below, and check out Experian’s Twitter page here.