Google announces closure of Google Shopper app on iOS, Android

Despite the growing number of mobile users turning to their smartphones for shopping advice, Google has announced the closure of its standalone Google Shopper app. The announcement comes as a way for Google to streamline its online shopping / browsing experience regardless of the user’s device or location.

“We want to focus our efforts on Google Shopping and Google Search, to create a better, more consistent shopping experience across all devices,” says VP of Google Shopping Sameer Samat, via the Google Commerce blog.

To do that, Google has previously unveiled 360-degree product imagery, shortlists for saving products for future viewing, and an updated review system.

After the Google Shopper app closes on August 30, users will still be able to search for products via their standard web browser or the Google search app, finding reviews, comparing prices, checking local store stock and more.

The statement continues: “We hope that you’ll keep searching with Google to get exactly the answers you need to shop smarter across the web, and we look forward to sharing some great things we have coming on mobile for the holidays!”

The Google Shopper app closure is part of Google’s push to consolidate its mobile services, with an increasing focus on the standard Google Search application. While many users may have appreciated the Google Shopper app’s barcode scanner, the Google Search app thankfully functions in a similar way. Instead of a barcode scanner, however, shoppers must use Google Goggles and manually photograph the barcode on the bottom of the product.

[H/T Techcrunch]