Google+ Android App Now Provides Stream Views

Google has released an update to the Google+ Android app that addresses one of my main complaints with the app, the fact that there was no way to filter the stream to a specific circle. You can now configure the Google+ Android app to display circle-specific views of your stream in addition to the all circles view.

If you aren’t familiar with Google+, the stream is analogous to Facebook’s news feed. All of the posts that your friends share with you or to the public appear in the stream. You can now specify what views of the stream you want to see by tapping Menu, Manage Views and selecting which circles you want use to filter the stream.

After you select your views, you can easily switch between them by swipping left or right through the home screen. At the top of the screen you see the name of the current circle stream in the middle, and which circle streams are available to the left or right when you swipe on the screen. The far left view will always display public posts of people who were nearby your current location, and the far right view will always display your incoming notifications.

Another improvement is a change to Huddle, which is the group messaging part of the app, to make it easier to add people and circles to a huddle. Finally, you can select any photo shared with you to be the wallpaper on your phone.

If you already have the Google+ app installed on your Android phone, you should receive a notification that an update is available. If you don’t have it and are on Google+ you will find the app in the Android Market.