Google Allo Updated with GIFs, Animated Emoji

Google's messaging app now allows users to share GIFs and animated emoji in conversations

Google released an update for its Google Allo messaging app, which now allows users to share GIFs and animated emoji in their conversations.

With this update, users can search for GIFs by tapping the smiling face button in the chat bar, and swiping to the left to see the “Pull for GIFs” button. After users swipe to open the GIF menu, they’ll be able to type words or phrases to find GIFs to add to their conversations.

In addition, the app now includes a “Lucky” feature, which allows users to share randomly selected GIFs in conversations by tapping on a Smart Reply with the Lucky icon, or typing “@lucky” followed by a phrase.

Elsewhere, Google Allo now supports 10 animated emoji. Users can activate an emoji’s animation by adding the emoji to the message compose box, tapping and holding on the send button to trigger the appearance of a size meter, and dragging the meter to the top.

Finally, Google Allo now includes a shortcut to the Google Assistant. Specifically, users can tap the Google Assistant icon in the message compose box to ask the assistant a question or input a command.

These new features are now rolling out for Google Allo users on Android, and they’re coming soon to iOS.