Google AdSense Upgrade: One Code, Increased Profits

As an AdSense user I know I’m not alone when I express my annoyance over the fact that every time I make a slight adjustment to my ad unit – I must replace the code on my Web site. Thankfully, Google heard the groans and have addressed the issue.
Currently in the roll out phase, some AdSense users may be able to take advantage of this ad management upgrade immediately.

Change your category or change your color palette and the ad snippet code remains the same. The only item that can’t be changed is the size. For that, you will still need to go ahead and create a new ad. Previously, every tiny change required you to redeploy the code.

Within 10 minutes you can expect the changes to be live on your Web site.

Many people believe that this will pave the way for users to further experiment with AdSense layout, thus potentially increasing profits.

Login to AdSense and see if your account can access this and other new features. They should appear on the “AdSense Management Page.” If not, you can expect to see them in the coming days or weeks.