Google+ Adds Games

Better deal for developers threatens Facebook

"When you're ready to play, the Games page is waiting," announced Vic Gundotra, Google’s senior vice president of engineering. Google+ has now given Facebook a whole new reason to be worried. The up-and-coming social network has added games to its platform, including fan favorites, like Angry Birds and Bejeweled Blitz.

Google+ is a baby in the social networking game, with 10 million users, in comparison to Facebook’s 750 million. That being said, it is clear Facebook is keeping an eye on its new competitor. It is unlikely a coincidence that the social media giant launched its own gaming improvements just hours after Google+ added its gaming feature. "When you're playing games, you'll now see a separate stream of your friends' game activity, scores and achievements in a ticker," Facebook's Jared Morgenstern posted on Facebook’s blog yesterday.

Despite Facebook’s dominance in the social gaming field and Google+’s relatively small user base, analysts say Google’s new gaming feature poses a real threat to Facebook’s revenue stream. reports that Google will take a fraction of the cut that Facebook takes in virtual goods gaming transactions — 5 percent compared with Facebook’s 30 percent cut. The move is popular with developers who have been angered by Facebook's difficult terms.