Google Adds Another Piece To Near Field Puzzle

I’ve been writing about Google’s implementation and promotion of Near Field Communication (NFC), which I think is going to be the next big thing for smartphones during 2011. Near Field Communication will enable smartphones to be used in point of sale purchases, which has actually been in use in several countries for some time.

Google is promoting NFC by including support for it in the Nexus S and by supporting a trial of its use coupled with their Hotspot service in Portland. Our sister site WebNewser reports on Google’s most recent NFC move, which is the aquisition of a company called Zetawire. Zetawire is a small Toronto startup that processes credit card payments using NFC.

The aquisition indicates how committed Google appears to be to NFC and how quickly they want to get esmartphone payments in place. With the Nexus S set to go on sale tomorrow (December 16, 2010) I am interested to see how quickly Zetawire’s technology gets incorporated into Android.