Google Adds a New Tab, Gives Chrome Store a New Look

Google anticipates the new design will help users to quickly scan the store for new apps they want to try out without delay.

Earlier this week, the Official Google Blog and Chrome Blog introduced, what the company called, the “new tab page”, which makes your search for installed apps and most visited sites so much easier.

All you do is flip between your installed apps and your favorite web sites with the new tab. TechSpot explains, “you can drag and drop apps to rearrange them and if there is an app you don’t want in the list, you can drag it to the bottom right of the screen where a recycle bin will appear to get rid of it.”

Adding new apps to the page is just as simple. You click the Chrome Web Store to decide what you want. You can even watch the video Google created to show you how the new tab works.

Another feature that also was introduced earlier this week is The Chrome Web Store. The store went through a major remodel. I can honestly say it is bigger and brighter. You have endless scrolling compared to the former page-after-page format. TechSpot describes the new look, “Apps and extensions are presented in a wall of images.” The images are updated every time you visit the store.

Google anticipates the new design will help users quickly scan the store for new apps they want to try out without delay. PCWorld explains, “To learn more about an app, you can click on its image. A page will pop up containing screenshots, video, and a description of the app or extension. You can also add the app from this page, by clicking the ‘add to Chrome’ button’.”

If you have ever visited The Chrome Web Store before the remodel, then you are in for a surprise on your next visit. The new look is inviting.