Google Acquires Bump Technologies

Bump is the mobile app that allows users to share mobile data via fist bump.

Google has been becoming more focused in its product offering recently. Case in point: Discontinuing Google Reader, with Feedburner likely on the chopping block next. While there were plenty of die-hard early adapters for both platforms, the likelihood is that the numbers didn’t justify continuing to maintain either one.

Instead, Google is focusing more on the organizing and sharing of information. Which is why today’s announcement that Google acquired of Bump — the smartphone app that allows you to share information with a fist pump — makes perfect sense.

Said Bump CEO David Leib in an official announcement, “We strive to create experiences that feel like magic, enabled behind the scene with innovations in math, data processing, and algorithms.”

The terms of the acquisition are as yet undisclosed. However according to TechCruch, this buyout may have been a lucky break for Bump which had been unable to monetize its user base after Apple displaced the app with AirDrop. On the other had, wrote author John Constine, “the sale might be considered a failure.”

Constine  added that Google would also benefit from the many patents in the Bump Technologies coffers. “Google could use these patents to improve Android and create richer alternatives to near-field communication (NFC).”

I agree that the Bump acquisition seems like a smart focused move for Google and I’m curious to see how Bump will be integrated into Android devices.