GOOG 411 Now Offers Intersection Information

goog-411Don’t you hate it when technology cuts you down to size? Take GOOG 411 for example. The wonderful free directory assistance tool from Google NEVER understands what I have to say – EVER. It’s so bad, that at one point I called another automated system just to make sure I wasn’t having a seizure or something.

While the voice recognition technology might not be desirable, the purpose of the app is. And starting today you can get audio info on geographic content. A no-brainer from the folks who have evolved maps into the 21st century.

Simply call 1-800-466-4411 and say ‘details’ when requesting a businesses’ phone number. In addition to the address and phone number, you will also hear the nearest street intersection and/or adjacent streets. What a fabulous tool!

As a lifelong New Yorker, even I will occasionally lose my bearings around town. GOOG 411 can now prevent you from showing up late to the job interview, missing that doctor’s appointment or standing up your blind date at that new coffee shop.

The nearby intersections feature is available for most businesses in the US and Canada.

Apparently, the intersection info is determined through an algorithm created by Google users in New York and London.