Goodwill Fundraisers Top the Viral Space

Sybian riders shed light on female circumcision

And now, the feelgood story of the day!

A campaign to raise awareness for the prevention of female circumcision, which hitches on an interesting angle, is this week’s No. 2 web series video of the week.

Simple Pickup offered to donate $5 towards the women's rights issue for every second female volunteers stayed on a sex toy known as Sybian. While the women are clothed, the clip itself is sort of not safe for work—but it's not as NSFW as watching clips people using the actual device for its intended purpose. (Don't say we didn’t warn you.)

In either case, the YouTube rating is overwhelmingly positive, with numerous commenters actually talking about the issue of female circumcision. The video has been viewed almost 3.7 million times since it was uploaded on May 7. On a side note, the women were able to stay on for 267 seconds before getting off, which equaled $1,335 in donations.

In other fundraising news, this week's top video was actually a sequel to a viral prank that ended in a heartwarming twist posted in early March by the Magic of Rahat. The YouTube creator attempted to trick a homeless man named Eric into thinking he won the lottery. Instead, he was blown away when the subject tried to offer him a share of the prize and then thanked him for being a good friend.

After the clip went viral, people donated $44,000 to help Eric get a better life. The Magic of Rahat decided to furnish and provide a home for one year for Eric and put aside the rest of the money in a joint bank account that he could monitor. He surprised the newly employed Eric with the new abode in an emotional video that has had about 11.9 million views since it was uploaded on May 7.

See this week's top 10 web series videos below:

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