Goodreads Reaches 10 Million Members, 360 Million Books

The social network for reading, sharing, and recommending books now boasts 10 million members, who have collectively shelved more than 360 million books since the site launched in January 2007. Goodreads announced the milestone on August 13, 2012 in a post on the company blog.

Most of the growth has happened in the last 15 months, according to Goodreads community manager Patrick Brown. The first 5 million members signed up during the first four and a half years. Since then, membership has doubled.

Goodreads got a boost after joining Facebook’s timeline in January 2012, putting member’s reading lists, reviews, and favorite quotes where their friends could see them and possibly sign up for the site. By the end of February, the app had logged 6.5 million actions. Right now, Goodreads’ Facebook app has 1.5 million monthly active users, according to AppData.

Community members have used Goodreads not only to find books, but to find other readers. Goodreads has more than 20,000 book clubs, which include virtual groups as well as smaller groups that meet in person. The groups center on niche genres like the Sword & Laser group, which is a blend of sci-fi and fantasy. There are also groups devoted to finding new books to read or to crossing classic books off the list. Here are the top five:

The challenge of finding something to read is part of the site’s appeal. Goodreads acquired the book recommendation engine Discovereads in March 2011. With a $2 million funding round led by True Ventures and a $750,000 seed round from a group of angel investors, the company has been able to create what Brown calls a “super-awesome and successful Recommendations Engine.”

Goodreads has also moved its growing team of 30 employees to a “bigger, fancier offices” in San Francisco. “Our To Do list is impressively long and the team is working insanely hard,” wrote Brown, “but there are lots more good things to come!”

Image by valdis torms via Shutterstock.