GoodReads Launches New iPad App

The online book community GoodReads has just made it a little easier for you to share your book interests with other fans. GoodReads uploaded a new version of its app to iTunes a few days ago and it finally supports the iPad.

Join GoodReads and you’ll be able to start building your bookshelf of books you’ve read, would like to read, or just hough the title was funny. You can also share your like and dislikes, get  recommendations, pass along spoilers from the book your reading.

The app also supports using the iPad 2 camera as a bar code scanner. It looks to be awkward, but you could scan the bar codes of your paper collection and add them to your account automatically. What’s more, the GoodReads app also includes a reading app. You can choose from any of 2 thousand public domain titles or you can buy an ebook from GoodReads’ ebookstore.