Goodreads buys Discovereads

Yesterday the online book community Goodreads bought the book discovery site Discovereads for an undisclosed sum.

The 2 sites obviously share a number of interests. Otis Chandler, CEO of GoodReads, writes in the annnouncement that “Many of you have given us feedback that you’d like to see book recommendations on Goodreads from a Netflix-style algorithm. We’ve always agreed, but good recommendation algorithms are really (really!) difficult to do right. … To tackle this highly complex challenge, Goodreads has acquired a company by the name of With their deep algorithmic book recommendation technology, we’re going to be able plumb our database of 100 million book ratings from 4.6 million users to find general patterns of the kinds of books people read and to generate high-quality personalized recommendations.

The 2 sites are working to integrate Discovereads servers with that of Goodreads, and once this is complete the Discovereads website will be shut down, and all of Discovereads future development work will be found only on  Goodreads.