Goodgame Studios Launches Shadow Kings on Browser, Mobile

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Goodgame Studios has announced the launch of its newest title on browser and mobile devices: Shadow Kings. The strategy MMO was rapidly adopted by gamers, with over one million registrations for the game within the first week of its release. In the game, players are taken to a fantasy land where men, elves and dwarves once lived in peace. An army of orcs, goblins and trolls has threatened the land, so players must build and defend their medieval city from invaders.

In Shadow Kings, players build their kingdom by balancing the use of multiple materials, including wood, stone, coins and food. Players build homes to increase their village’s population (and collect taxes from villagers), while farms produce food, quarries produce stone, and so on. These buildings can be upgraded to increase their productivity over time.

Players can build a barracks and other military structures, like guards towers and workshops, among others. Players train axe warriors, riflemen, paladins, knights, archers and more, and can assign these in various quantities during battle. Users can also spend resources on defensive items, like tar cauldrons, a portcullis and city gate reinforcements, as examples.

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Some of these items are available with premium currency, while others can be purchased using wood and stone. Once these items are created, they can be assigned to defend the town from incoming attacks. Like quarries, homes and other buildings, these military structures (like barracks and workshops) can also be upgraded in order to unlock more items for creation.

Out on the world map, players can send troops to attack other players, or computer-controlled bases. Players can pillage materials from these encounters, but may lose their trained troops in the process. Since battles take place automatically in the background after the campaign has been launched, users can head back to town and train more units, collect more resources and otherwise complete their normal business while also fighting at the same time.

Gamers are led through the experience via a series of quests, which will see them expand their village to house more buildings, train specific troops for their armies, upgrade buildings to increase their town’s productivity and declare war on other villages, as examples.

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Players start with quite a bit of premium currency, and will receive more as rewards while playing the game. Currency can also be purchased with real money from Goodgame’s store.

For additional social features, users can join alliances with other players, and send them help when they’re under attack.

“Shadow Kings was a double challenge for us. It is the first game that we have designed for mobile devices from the beginning, and it’s also the first project we’ve released for browser and mobile platforms at the same time, so we are particularly proud of the successful launch,” said Olliver Heins, head of games at Goodgame Studios. “We drew on all our combined experience for the development of the game and now we’re excited to see how the world of Shadow Kings comes to life.”

Shadow Kings is available to download for free on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. Users can also play a free browser version of the game, called Shadow Kings – Dark Ages, on Goodgames’ website.