Goodbye Examiner’s Yeas & Nays

The long goodbye is over. Come next week, one of Washington’s “gossip” columns, “Yeas & Nays,” will be no more. The Sound of Music soundtrack — a song sung by the Von Trap children — comes to mind. We’ve had a little bit to say about Yeas & Nays in the last few years — good, bad and everything in between. We’re sure (wink wink) that WaPo‘s “The Unreliable Source” can absorb anything that might get lost in the void.

We wish the writers the best in their transitions to new jobs. In the meantime, Washington Examiner wants to offer you something new — a Politics Today newsletter.

A note from Editor Stephen Smith…

This is an exciting time for the Washington Examiner.

In the next couple of weeks, The Washington Examiner will complete its transition to a website and weekly magazine that will continue to bring you the best in breaking news and political news and analysis.

As a part of this transition, the Yeas & Nays will no longer be published after June 14th.

Instead, we invite you to try our Politics Today newsletter, which features a format covering the top political issues of the day or one of our other informative newsletters from our columnists: Michael Barone, Byron York or Paul Bedard. Click a link or image to be instantly registered for that newsletter.

Thank you for supporting The Washington Examiner. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to bring you the latest political news, analysis and commentary from Capitol Hill and beyond.

Stephen G. Smith