Good Riddance, Milbank?

As we noted before


… we are beyond devastated that our favorite Sketch artist, Dana Milbank, is leaving us to do the whole book thang.

But Potomac Flacks says that Washington’s flaks may actually enjoy the break from Milbank.

Wha, wha, WHAA??? Could this be true?

    Washington PR folks, who would normally auction off their right arm to get the Washington Post to cover their boss’ press conference, know by now that having Dana Milbank (left) show up is probably more of a curse than a blessing.

    His “Washington Sketch” column three times a week invariably offers a humorous and sarcastic take on events from throughout official Washington. And while we’ve all sat through ridiculous press conferences and self-important speeches — and may be secretly grateful to Milbank for poking holes in elected officials’ egos — flacks know that Milbank’s write-up of an event will usually earn them a chewing-out from the boss the next morning.