GOOD Prepares for ‘Design LA’

Alissa Walker, former editor of this here website and graduate of the prestigious UnBeige Finishing School has teamed up with GOOD Magazine and will be hosting their big time upcoming event, Design LA this Thursday night from 7-10pm at GOOD‘s space. They’ll be bringing together a batch of great designers, from UnBeige favorite to Stefan Bucher to mega-star Geoff McFetridge, in an attempt to figure out just how to solve all of Los Angeles’ problems through design (our guess is that it will involve rerouting the freeways so all the cars fall into the ocean). But the best part of all: free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to all attendees. And since it’s LA, probably no one will eat any, so if you’re visiting from out of town it’ll be the best day of your life. What’s more, as if it couldn’t possibly get any better, the whole event is free (but sure to sell out, so RSVP quick!).

Update: We told you to act quick and hopefully you listened. It looks like the event is now all booked up. But if we play our cards right, we might be able to have Alissa send us over some photos from the event. And some of that ice cream.