Good News/Bad News: Perry Captures Media’s Attention

Photo: Jim Young/Reuters

Barely a couple of days into his presidential election campaign and Rick Perry is already stepping in it, first for saying a decision by the Fed Chairman Ben Bernake to increase the supply of money would be “almost … treasonous” and then backtracking on his decision to mandate the HPV vaccination in Texas.

Likewise, no sooner did the media anoint him a member of the “top-tier” of Republican presidential candidates have stories begun to come in asking whether Perry is presidential enough.

Capturing/stealing the media spotlight like he did when announcing his candidacy in South Carolina has set Perry up for the close scrutiny that comes with it.

“The episode illustrates the difficulties Perry could face in navigating competing Republican interest groups, and it resurrects allegations of cronyism that have dogged the Texas executive throughout his political career,” writes The Washington Post, saying that Perry’s vaccination decision was impacted by a relationship with a Merck lobbyist friend.

Karl Rove said the Bernanke statement wasn’t “presidential.”

The Daily Beast wonders whether Perry can “keep the heat.” And other reporters are already asking who else will jump in the race.

Perry has stuck by the Bernanke comments, a stance that was reiterated by his spokesperson Mark Miner. If Perry continues on this track, Miner’s name and his damage controlling statements will become familiar.