Good News! Three Media Jobs Rank Among Top 20 For Work-Life Balance

yogaAccording to Glassdoor, dream jobs really exist. Really, they do! And by dream we mean the ability to have a job you enjoy and get this — actually have a life outside the office!

Glassdoor pulled 20 of the highest rated jobs for work-life balance based on employee feedback shared on their site.

As for the really cool news, SEO specialist arrived in the second spot, social media manager ranked high at number four and corporate communications professional ranked high also at eight.

Without further ado, here are the 20 jobs on the list focusing on having a healthy life both in and out of the office.

1. Data scientist

2. SEO specialist

3. Tour guide

4. Lifeguard

5. Social media manager

6. Group fitness instructor

7. User experience designer

8. Corporate communications

9. Firefighter

10. Equity trader

11. Law clerk

12. Investment analyst

13. Administrative assistant

14. Office assistant

15. Sales representative

16. Help desk technician

17. Substitute teacher

18. Carpenter

19. Real estate broker

20. Game designer