Good news ladies: Flav’s on the market again

Good news ladies: In its ongoing mission to lower Americans’ IQs by at least two points per year, VH1 has renewed the reality show about a hard core rapper turned clock wearing buffoon who just wants a regular woman to settle down with: “Flavor of Love.”

According to the home for wayward former celebrities’ network’s press release, “The show is currently searching for those special women who really want to be Flav’s beloved in season two.”

Shockingly, the press release makes no mention of Flav’s romance with fellow low IQ former pseudo-celebrity Brigitte Nielsen (who he met on another VH1 show, “The Surreal Life”) and the “reality” show they starred in, the aptly named “Strange Love.” Maybe knowing that Flav has a history of not sticking with the women he meets on VH1 would be a bit of a downer to potential mates.

Also no mention of allegations that Flav doesn’t pay child support to his children and their mother. That’s probably not the kind of reality VH1 is looking to infuse into its “celebreality” brand.

What’s really amazing/horrifying is that “Flavor of Love” was the highest rated series in VH1 history. Meanwhile, the surprisingly watchable “So NoTORIous” is struggling in the ratings. Who would have thought we’d see the day when Tori Spelling would become TOO classy to succeed on TV?