Good News! Job Market Shows Improvement for J School Grads

Finally, there’s good news to share! According to a University of Georgia survey, recent U.S. journalism and mass communication graduates are entering a job market that’s slightly better than previous years.

That said, as indicated by JimRomenesko, graduates from 2011 still encountered more challenges with job opportunities than their peers did in 2007.

Graduates who have landed full-time jobs indicated their salaries were higher than graduates from 12 months ago.

So, what’s the overall breakdown aside from salary? The survey looked at the job market within journalism and communications broken down by field:

The improvements in the job market reported by 2011 graduates varied by field of study. Those graduates who had specialized in news-editorial journalism–the traditional print base of journalism and mass communication education–reported a hefty increase in level of full-time employment in 2011 compared with a year earlier. But the previous year had been a disastrous one, and the level of employment remains low in historic terms. The job market for bachelor’s degree recipients with telecommunications as a speciality improved in 2011 compared with the year earlier. Traditionally, graduates with an advertising concentration have done well in the job market compared with those with other specialities. That continued to be true in 2011, even though the level of full-time employment was statistically comparable in 2011 to a year earlier. Graduates who had concentrated in public relations reported a comparable level of full-time employment to those in advertising, but for the public relations students, the market in 2011 was better than a year earlier. As in the past, it was better to be an advertising or public relations graduate in 2011 than a graduate in print journalism or telecommunications.

Overall, the survey concluded the slight growth should be taken into account with the overall economy which has also experienced slight job growth. In addition, journalism and communications grads have experienced a tough time in the job market the past several years but finally, it seems like it is improving.