Good News In Philly, Sacramento

Two items of note on opposite ends of the country:

In Sacramento, the Bee and union-represented employees agreed to a merit increase pool of 2 percent.

This is a bit more complicated than just saying “everyone gets a 2 percent raise” but it will still amount to more pay for most employees, so, hooray.

The rest of the news at the Bee is less pleasant: the company just completed its fifth round of recent layoffs.

In Philly, the Philadelphia Newspaper Guild has gotten to consider video journalists covered under union protection. This means four employees who shoot, edit, and produce original video content will now be covered, as will future hires.

How you feel about unions may affect how you feel about this news item, but as it’s the guilds usually fighting against salary cuts and layoffs, we’re pretty sure those four folks are at least pleased to be included.