Good news from New Orleans, relatively speaking

Jeffrey Kofman just reported on GMA from New Orleans – it looks like the worst of it is over there and apparently Katrina’s been downgraded to a Category Three (yeah, a breezy balmy Category Three. Sheesh). Even so, there’s been quite a bit of damage – part of the roof ripped off the Superdome (but Brian Williams and his cellphone are on it), half the city covered in 5-6 feet of water, “total structural failure” reported on CNN, which can’t be good. This is just an update; for in-depth coverage of the coverage, I once again direct you to TVNewser, who has details on the Carol Costello/Chad Myers on-air dust-up and Steve Harrigan’s sturdy footing over at Fox. We do, however, have this link to a CNN video of Rob Marciano being blown around in Biloxi. Can I just say that all the reporters out in the field are quite brave, if a little nuts. Be safe, everyone!