Good news for rectangular states: Specialized film meets specialized theaters

The LAT today carries the long-overdue news that theater mega-chain AMC is finally getting serious about the aversion Generation NetfliX has towards going to the movies. The result is 72 theaters nationwide that will carry more than just “Resident Evil 2.”


“AMC Chief Executive Peter Brown said that with AMC Select the Kansas City, Mo.-based chain was attempting to compete with the Internet, iPods and home entertainment for consumers’ attention and pocketbooks. ‘We are constantly thinking about how we can get more people to come to the theaters,’ Brown said. ‘This is realizing the promise of the megaplex — we are broadening out the depth and breadth of the [movies] available.” AMC is joining other theater chains such as Regal Entertainment Group, Pacific Theatres, Landmark Theatres and Century Theatres in recognizing the money-making potential of character-driven adult dramas and documentaries.”

The “money-making potential of character-driven adult dramas and documentaries?!” What’s next? Whole-grain nachos and actual cheese? This is a most worrisome trend: Imagine, living in middle America and wanting to see “Darwin’s Nightmare” or “Duck Season” at a movie theater, and… it’s actually there. In rectangular-shaped states, grownups weep for joy, but for Angelenos, it spells trouble: The L.A. real estate bubble might have finally met its pin.