Good News for Mobile App Developers – Except Those Building for BlackBerry or Windows Phone

There was a lot of good economic news in the mobile technology world this week. The entire industry is forecast to generate about $1.3 trillion in revenue this year.

If the Mobile Tech Industry Was a Country, Its GDP Would be #13 in the World

Apple reported that they have paid out $2.5 billion to iPhone and iPad app developers.

Apple: 15+ Billion Apps Downloaded, $2.5 Billion Paid to Developers

The good news continues for mobile app developers in this All Things D article.

Smartphone Job Market Ripe With Opportunity, Unless You’re a BlackBerry

Well, good for everyone except BlackBerry and Windows Phone app developers according’s data based on 100,000 jobs placed in their outsourcing marketplace. Demand for BlackBerry app developers shrank during the survey period. And, the numbers for Windows Phone were so small, they were literally not worth mentioning in their survey results.

It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone watching the mobile app industry that Android, iPad and iPhone apps are the place to be and where there’s growing demand for software developers.