Good News for Journos: Reporting Is Now the Second Worst Job in America!


Hey PR Pros? Pour a little liquor out for your favorite reporters, okay?

Every year, talent acquisition directors, hiring managers, and HR executives wait with baited breath for the annual CareerCast “Top Jobs” list. You can imagine how pleased are when they note the top jobs are all in growing, highly specialized fields, such as: mathematician, tenured professor, statistician, actuary, and audiologist.

Nice, right? If you are a numbers geek, really friggin’ smart (probably with numbers), love to crunch numbers, make statistics about numbers, or hear people talk (about numbers), then you have a gig that will last as long as that ess-eating grin on your face.

And then, there are reporters.

Buck up, gang. You no longer have the worst job in America (as noted in 2013). You have the second worst. Huzzah!

According to CareerCast’s review of working environment, stress, hiring outlook, and salary, reporters are cellar-dwellers. So, who in the world could be worst than that? Lumberjacks. Take that, Monty Python! They are not okay. Pity. Maybe if they picked up reporting…