Good News for ‘grammers: Instagram Now Searchable on Desktop

Now you can search someone's dinner without your phone.

Have you ever gone to Instagram on your desktop, searching for someone’s latest picture or that latest superstar gone viral, and then it dawns on you: Instagram on anyone’s desktop totally sucks.

It does. And even the folks at Instagram would admit it. That’s probably why this happened…

While Twitter was off causing people to use their talents to make memes for MySpace, Friendster, and possibly Google Plus, Instagram was out getting a #PRWin for a travesty that has gone on for too long.

The pomp. The circumstance. The fanfare. The relief!

“While is designed to be complementary to the mobile apps, it’s important to the global conversations that happen on Instagram,” an Instagram spokesperson said.

In other words, if you read the TechCrunch article, Facebook is a little tired of the negativity out there, so their hoodie-wearing powers that be determined a little user experience is worth the nice headlines.

It worked.