GOOD NEWS: Amputee Athlete Gone Halloween Viral Sensation Does It Again

joshsundquist1Meet Josh Sundquist.

If ever there were someone to make lemons his own with some sweet-tasting lemonade, it’s this guy.

Although my mother has kicked cancer’s behind twice and is fighting the good fight a third time now, she hasn’t lost a limb. Two breasts, yes, but a leg? I can’t imagine how that would set someone back physically and mentally.

Josh’s story is losing his leg to cancer as a nine-year-old. Let the fact that he was nine soak in for a minute. While other kids were playing sports, running down the street, and chasing girls during recess, Josh was learning how to walk all over again.

So why mention him on a PR blog?

It’s about good news and a #PRWin.

You may not know his name, but you definitely know his game. He’s the brilliant Halloween costume guy behind that genius picture.

A Christmas Story is the best Yuletide movie ever…and homeboy here is the Fra-ghee-lay lamp! 

Whelp, just when you think his brain couldn’t get any more twisted, he does it again. He was so inclined because he’s on the U.S. Amputee Soccer Team (yes, it’s real). And so…Foosball, seriously?! Genius.

Hey Cancer, on behalf of Josh and survivors everywhere: suck it!