Good Morning, Vietnam, But Not for Facebook

VietnamFlag.jpgIs Facebook being blocked in Vietnam, or isn’t it? Dong Ngo of CNET detailed his struggles accessing the social-networking site from Hanoi.

According to Ngo, while the Vietnamese government has made no official statement regarding Facebook, it depends on who you speak with, with Internet-service providers blaming technical issues, digital-subscriber-line and cellular-phone provider Viettel saying “there might be something wrong with Facebook” and Nguyen Phuong Nga, a representative of Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry, saying government agencies have been evaluating its content because “many people in Vietnam have been upset that a number of social Websites have been misused.”

Ngo has found that intermittent access is still possible, including in some cafes, and people have discovered work-arounds, such as bypassing ISPs’ DNS settings.

According to CNET, Facebook is the fastest-growing social-networking site in Vietnam, with users skyrocketing from some 100,000 in June to almost 1.1 million in November.