Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

I completely thought we were done with actress Gabby Sidibe until this anonymous submission came in last night. This one is called “Precious Planking” and it’s FishbowlDC Matt in Georgetown with Gabby dancing all over him. We hope he survives the ordeal.

The Casual Observer

“The Kardashian family is genius at rolling out new products to change the storyline & get new media attention. Even better than Apple.” — ABC News Correspondent Karen Travers.

Where’s ‘Ambush Makeover’ when you need it?

“Despite heroic makeup room efforts, I still look like an unmade bed. On FNC in a few minutes.” — National Review Online‘s Jonah Goldberg.

Now this is unsettling. “Hinckley Wants More Time Out Of Mental Hospital.” — WUSA9. You’ve got to read this.

Irked reporter wants Cantor to hold regular pen-and-pad

“Aother week without Cantor pen and pad. I suppose we should ask Leslie Stahl to come to DC with a camera crew every week and then we’d get access to the Majority Leader. Worth noting, Dem Whip Steny Hoyer had his pen and pad yesterday and has never missed a week.” — Anonymous Capitol Hill journo.

Readers respond to Politico Mike Allen and Humblebrag

Yesterday we wrote on Mike Allen being the King of Humblebrag after two days of watching him peddle his eBook in a way some might construe as part humble and part bragging. Our internal mailbox revealed two schools of thought: One, the problem is me and my petty water-cooler mentality and alliances with journos who hate themselves and one another. Two, it’s high time someone broached the subject.

1. “Betsy needs a filter. seriously. today’s case in point: Mike Allen’s humblebrag post = mildly interesting water-cooler chatter among bitter, unhappy journalists who like to bitch about each other. it’s not a four-paragraph FBDC post. It’s not worth a one-paragraph post. This is important. Without a Betsy filter, FB will continue to be a source of whiney, meaningless (boring) drivel – the modern equivalent of cranky letters to the editor, wrriten by frustrated old men who yell at trees. Thanks.”

2. “Thank god u r taking on Mike Allen and his circle jerk.”

Headline award goes to a recent column by WaPo column by Jonathan Capehart: “Herman Cain in a Pickle With Ginger

Deep thoughts about pistachios

“Sometimes, when eating pistachios, I wonder if cracking open the shell of an unopened one means it’s not ready. Like mussels.” — American Spectator blogger and New Media Strategies employee J.P. Freire.

A small request

“I don’t suppose we could all agree to do away with the ‘SHOT! CHASER!’ model of press releases?” — Agence France-Presse’s Olivier Knox.

Pundit trash talk

“Battling @RolandSMartin1 on @CNN at 1:30pm. Ascot vs pocket square!” — Former RNC Spokesman Doug Heye referencing “Washington Watch’s” Roland Martin.