Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day – Annie and Ezra’s honeymoon breakdown

“To welcome US tourists, hotel in Hanoi is serving pancakes with corn syrup and playing Jack Johnson.” — Slate‘s (soon to be NYT) Annie Lowrey succumbs to the addictive lure of Twitter during her honeymoon with WaPo‘s Ezzy Klein, who at least retweets her. While Annie at least wrote about the trip. Klein, meanwhile, tweeted about the Eurodeal piece by Sarah Kliff, who writes for his Wonkbook Blog. How romantic.

Tschida continues quest to get rid of House demons

As we already know, ABC7 reporter Stephen Tschida’s household gadgets keep turning on by themselves. An update: “Another technician here to find out why TV’s keep coming on in middle of night. Shook his head and just asked about the history of house!”

HuffPost‘s Sam Stein gets blitzed

“Guess what i did last night? i ‘boozed up’ some sources… in addition to boozing up myself. BUSTED.” (Take that James O’Keefe.)

A “new” idea from “Politico”

“Tomorrow we launch our newest email newsletter! It tracks the latest news in the timber & logging industry; we’re calling it ‘Morning Wood.'” — FakeJimVandeHei.

An Amtrak ticket agent recently said this to NYT‘s Matt Bai: ‘If you had any common sense, you’d have heard me the first time.” If you missed the story earlier in the week by Politico‘s Patrick Gavin on why D.C. journos/pundits can’t stand the Acela,  read here.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“I want an adorably tiny pet. Example: teacup pig. Or a hedgehog.” — Roll Call feature writer Jessica Estepa.