Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Journo most in need of trench coat and big dark shades

“That Nancy Pelosi comment in Newsweek criticizing the White House on messaging was erroneously attributed to her. We regret the error.” — The Daily Beast‘s Howard Kurtz.

Two Views of the Press

Over the weekend WaPo‘s Date Lab featured two date rats — one who feared the press, the other who feared meeting new people. Matthew Jaquith feared the press, saying, “I was nervous, not so much because a blind date … it was just sort of worrying, like What will it look like when the article comes out? Elizabeth Lilik, meanwhile, feared the date. “I was super nervous. It wasn’t so much the fact that this was for the paper — it was more just meeting someone new.”

A Convo Between Two Journos

TPM’s Brian Beutler had a little fun at the expense of AFP’s Olivier Knox regarding Amanda Knox, who was released from Italian custody Monday after being acquitted of murder.

Beutler: Glad to hear that @OKnox’s niece has been freed.

Knox: This ends badly, Brian. More from Knox: Hello there, followers and those steered here (maliciously, I presume) by @brianbeutler. I am *not* related to Amanda Knox. Sorry!

And from NPR’s Scott Simon (unrelated to conversation above): “What to say about Amanda Knox except: glad for her parents (&her) Italian jurors weren’t prideful about reversing decision.”

Vindictive journo

“I hope continental airlines gets an std tonight.” — Roll Call‘s John Stanton after a recent canceled flight.

The Media Critic

“@rollcall You’re download pdf function doesn’t seem to be working.” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin in a recent tweet.

Full Disclosure: FishbowlDC does not generally like full disclosures. Often they’re unnecessary and make the writer and publication look foolish. Over the weekend, WaPo‘s op-ed media writer Erik Wemple included a “full disclosure” in his piece on the administration’s reaction to Ron Suskind‘s Confidence Men. After citing journalists who may or may not have read the book and conducted interviews with Suskind anyhow, he wrote, “My own full disclosure: I’ve spent hours with both the Suskind and [Joe] McGinniss volumes but still haven’t knocked out a combined 800 pages — not easy doubling as a literary critic and media reporter.” Wemple’s own disclosure, whether he intended it to be funny or not, added an element of doubt to the story as to why he wrote it. He reasoned Bob Woodward hadn’t finished reading Suskind’s book either and wouldn’t comment. FBDC Full Disclosure: Saw Wemple at a cocktail reception within the last year. He was carrying his signature backpack. We said hello. He was friendly enough. Not overly. (See? Unnecessary. Not to mention kind of stupid.)