Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Just in time for Christmas

“Ask and email an address RT @hbirdsong @Bret_Baier what do I need to do to get an autographed picture of you?”  – Fox News’ Bret Baier explains how to get a signed photo of Bret Baier.

And don’t forget Valentine’s Day…

“Ask RT @boilthebeast @Bret_Baier what do I need to do to get an auto pic of you brushing your hair,  maybe a sunset view of a wheat field in the background …” – Bret Baier on how to get a sexy, scenic photo of Bret Baier.

Model Behavior

“It’s high time Vogue has cover with a MODEL not another banal actress..Kate Moss is alluring child-woman of our time.” – Huffington Post’s Stephanie Green tackling the tough issues.


“”Hopefully God raptures and leaves behind whiny east-coast elites” – blogger Lee Fang moving the nation forward in a progressive tweet.

Calm before the storm

“Really dreading the inevitable fake ‘Hurricane Irene’ Twitter accounts” – Slate’s Dave Weigel

Pray for a power outage

“My wife has rediscovered Ally McBeal on Netflix.” – Redstate’s Erick Erickson

The Situation

“Evacuating Politico’s Jersey Shore bureau. Sigh.” – A GTL-deprived Ben Smith.

Lost in translation

“I just got an e-mail from Mazie Hirono titled, “Robbing our Keiki.” Read whole e-mail, and I’m still not sure what it means.” – Roll Call’s Shira Toeplitz on her new beat, keiki robbing.

Strong enough for a man but PH-balanced for a woman

“Finally, a beer just for women.” – Slate’s Annie Lowery

Common Cents

“The Obama campaign is sending out free 2012 bumper stickers. Go sign up and make them waste the stamp.” – TWT’s Emily Miller devising a master plan to deplete the president’s reelection fund by tens, if not twenties of dollars.

Animal Instincts

“So can zoo animals predict other aspects of the future? Should we be asking them about the presidential race?” – WaPo’s Ben Pershing considers the potential of a man-beast partnership for 2012.

More #awesome than Comic-Con

“Pretty excited about attending the American Political Science Association’s annual conference next week.” – WaPo’s Ezra Klein

America’s Got Talent

“Talk about talented! @indiaarie is playing the flute and singing in Hebrew @mlkmemorial #dedicatemlk” – Roland Martin amazed by the flute-paying, bilingual songbird.