Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Editor has aha moment

“I would rather be watching Curb & Entourage than writing an op-ed & editing incoming articles for the site. Thank God for DVR (and ONDEMAND)” — The Daily Caller‘s Jamie Weinstein in a Sunday night tweet.

Beauty queen says strangers are staring

“Dear people on the street who keep looking down at my feet: yes, I realize that I’m 6’3″ in these shoes. Keep walking shortie.” —  Jen Corey, a.k.a. Miss DC 2009, in a Monday tweet. (Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. But if you want to hate her for the above tweet, that’s another story.)

Bio of the Day

Politico White House blogger and WHCD board member Julie Mason: “I used to be punk, now I cover the White House.”

Journo deals with online crazies

“@CajunDave That story is old and you are obnoxious. You have now gone the way of LovelyLady. BLOCKED. buhbye.” — WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart in a Monday tweet. What prompted the block? CajunDave wrote: “@CapehartJ It’s hard for white folks to not be racist,sometimes.”

Dave Hughes, please

“Plus, more on Angie Goff jumping from 9 to 4 and FishbowlDC better not steal it
from us without credit.” — DCRTV’s Top Thief Dave Hughes in a Monday post. Dave, no offense, we love you more than life, but we don’t want or need your sloppy seconds.

Ezzy gives thanks

“Thanks to the incredible @bashirlive team for keeping me from falling flat on my face this week.” — WaPo liberal blogger Ezra Klein in a weekend tweet. You go Ezzy! Love, Your Fans at FBDC.

Famous last words…

“And NOW, I swear, am going on my own vacation. No tweeting for me.” — NBC’s Chuck Todd in his most recent tweet. So far so good. He hasn’t tweeted since Thursday.

A journo’s impressive boat experience

“Drove a friend’s 24-foot motorboat for first time today. The rich are different from you and me. They own 24-foot motorboats.” — Politico‘s Roger Simon in a weekend tweet.

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