Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

And now, a message to Washington Watch’s Roland Martin… “@rolandsmartin You know you looking rough when a man notices your hair is jacked. LOL” (Martin had made a previous crack about sportscaster Pam Oliver‘s hair, saying, “Y’all see Nnamdi? He can’t even look at Pam’s hair. He’s like, ‘Damn, girl, what’s that sitting on top of your skull? Someone kill it!’ LOL.” He then apologized.) See Oliver above on a good hair day.

Piers baits Keith

“Come on and debate with me you big coward @KeithOlbermann or are you too busy with your 40,000 viewers a night?” — CNN’s Piers Morgan in a Thursday tweet.

Journo Hate Mail

“I gotta say, being linked to by a porn aggregator isn’t half as dirty as being linked to by @FishbowlDC.” — WCP‘s Benjamin Freed in a Thursday tweet. Not sure when we’ve linked to him recently but we are not a porn site and should not be confused for one. Freed, get off those porn sites! (Relax, Freed, we’re joking.)

Read this 15 times

“Phone woke up after prolonged charge; guy from store had popped another dead battery into it, then declared it broken.” — WCP Managing Editor Mike Madden in a maddening Thursday tweet.

Bon Voyage to Winkler

Today is The Daily Caller‘s Jeff Winkler’s last day of work. We hear his second to last day of work was, ahem, spirited. We wish him well in his travels. Sources say he will be missed.

The Critic

“Ed hurts my head.” — Metro Weekly White House Correspondent Chris Geidner in a Thursday tweet about MSNBC’s Ed Schultz.