Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

A question to which there will be no answer this campaign season

“Hey, one thing I’m still unclear on: Would Romney eat Obama’s dog food if Pawlenty mowed one acre of his lawn?” — Washington Examiner‘s Philip Klein in a Friday tweet that’s clearly some strange slight on Bo Obama. No, no, not really. It’s a play on a promise now ex-presidential hopeful T-Paw made at the GOP debate last week.

Reporter bummed about flighty woman

“Woke up feeling depressed about a hot n cold woman. After attending a picket line I feel 20x better – pickets lines always pick me up.” — Labor Journalist Mike Elk in a weekend tweet. WaPo Date Lab are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Incest Desk Revisited

Over the weekend Politico‘s Jonathan Martin appeared on NBC’s “MTP” for the roundtable. We’re sure girlfriend Betsy Fischer, the show’s executive producer, cheered on his performance that included this quote: “That’s the central question hanging over the race. Is this your father’s GOP?” Martin asked after host David Gregory flashed a quote on screen on the dichotomy of picking “establishment” candidates such as Mitt Romney and John Huntsman versus someone like Rick Perry. We reported on the incestuous nature of his appearance over the weekend. Somehow this quote didn’t make it into the rush transcript.

A mother boasts about her Washington daughter

“I can finally brag about my daughter @cbellantoni ‘s latest accomplishment. I’m going to visit Harvard!!” — Cassandra Bellantoni, reporter, LAT, HuffPost, AOL’s Patch Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills Times Mag. Producer on her daughter, Roll Call‘s Christina Bellantoni, getting a fellowship at Harvard.

A self-described ‘fishy-smelly’ media scribe

“I am back and fishless, but very tan. And fishy-smelly, because I did catch a few little ones. Then I am leaving again.” — Mediaite‘s Frances Martel in a fishy tweet we had to print because it’s just that fishy.

A compliment and an insult all rolled into one

“Why hasn’t Team T-Paw used his wife more? She’s dynamic on stump. She kinda seems to want it more than he does. She’s fantastic.” — Human Events‘ Tony Lee in a weekend tweet.

Weekend musings from Ames, Iowa

“Running thru a cow barn trying to find Palin … It’s like Where’s Waldo only with more livestock.” — USA Today’s Jackie Kucinich in a weekend tweet from Ames, Iowa.

Hey Plumline: You’re just so ‘excellent excellent’

“Thanks!” — WaPo‘s Greg Sargent in a weekend response to props he received and re-tweeted from a reader because that’s such a classy thing to do these days. Just ask The Daily Beast‘s Howard Kurtz. The compliment: “@sethdmichaels This is an excellent, excellent post by @theplumlineGS on the ‘weird’ issue.” Read Sargent’s “excellent, excellent” story here.

The Observer

“On the way to the Palin mob, ran into a furious Fox crew who hadn’t been given a heads up.” — Politico‘s Ben Smith in a weekend tweet from Ames, Iowa.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“@CQRC_Photo department is holding out on me. They bought a bubble gun from the man on First Street NE, but I’m not allowed to play w/ it.” — Roll Call‘s Jessica Estepa in a Friday tweet. Jessica, you’ve done it once again. Congratulations, or like WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza writes, or something like that.

Frustrated journo

“Whoever invented pdfs you can’t copy from obviously hates journalists.” — The Hill‘s Keith Laing in a weekend tweet.