Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Slate’s Dave Weigel in Aspen: “IT’S SO INTENSE”

What journalists can expect to hear from the W: ‘No comment

“A long, long day of not commenting lies ahead.” — Publicist Barbara Martin, who handles PR for the W Hotel in Washington, in a Thursday morning tweet the morning after a woman fell to her death from the rooftop of the hotel. Details are still emerging, but reports state the woman was drinking and was hanging from the roof before she fell 10 floors.

TV reporter praises Britney

“Reporters spend a lot of time in cars listening to radio. thank god for Britney Spears! 28th” — ABC7’s Stephen Tschida in a Wednesday tweet. And in completely unrelated shampoo news about his dog: “Changed puppy ‘Henry James’ shampoo to oatmeal. He stopped scratching the next day. Guess he has a sensitive scalp.”

Is this good news or bad news?

“Just went over 15K tweets. That’s several books’ worth of words.” — Mother Jones‘ Washington Bureau Chief David Corn in a Wednesday tweet.

Bio of the Day

FNC’s Ed Henry: “FOX News Chief White House Correspondent-to-be, Dad, Husband, NY Yankees nut — not necessarily in that order”

Journo strangeness

“I am eating at hotel bar which seems to be having an unannounced reggae and couples-of-reckless-affection convention. For my part I’m talking to the baseball highlights playing on the t.v. People are moving away, as they often do.” — Slate’s John Dickerson in a Wednesday tweet.


“BTW @AlecBaldwin, I too use a profile pic that was accurate 25 pounds ago.” — FakeHowardKurtz in a Wednesday tweet.

Savage lives it up in the East Room

“We can scream and yell and be dicks and wear buttons” and still eat Obama’s cupcakes and drink his champagne, Savage said.” — Raunchy sex advice columnist Dan Savage in a White House Pool Report by Politico‘s Julie Mason on Wednesday night. He attended a pride reception in the East Room of the White House earlier in the day with his husband, Terry Miller.

Obscenely Late But Worth the Wait

“Any idea why my iPhone would be behaving as if I’m pushing buttons when I’m not?” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in an early June tweet.  To which one of our favorites, @FakeJimVandehei replied, “Because you’re drunk.”

Uh oh. Rehab bound?

“Remember when I surpassed 50k tweets earlier this year? I just surpassed 80k. I need an intervention.” — NPR’s Andy Carvin in a Thursday morning tweet.