Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Vital question

“But did TSA ask you to remove your diaper?” — Editor Nick Gillespie in a Monday Twitter reaction to Slate’s Dave Wiegel’s morning of whine and roses at Washington Dulles International Airport, where TSA confiscated his toothpaste.

The Observer

“BREAKING: Reality TV star Rod Blagojevich to move from NBC’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ to MSNBC’s ‘Lockdown’.” — WaPo liberal blogger Ezra Klein in a Monday tweet after former Illinois Gov. Rod Blogojevich was convicted on 17 charges. Shockingly Ez’s quote contains humor. Please unblock us soon!

Cold journo

“My small space heater at work broke this morning #freezing.” — NJ media reporter Amanda Muñoz Temple in a Tuesday morning tweet.

Fresh mountain goats emerge from Aspen Ideas Festival

“Whining on Twitter produces results, just as staring at red lights makes them turn green.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Monday night tweet from Aspen. Ideas are coming to him fast and furiously, and now we know why. Earlier in the day, Weigel wrote: “This is a good city for walking around and listening to The Mountain Goats.”

Scribe will miss Blago’s locks

“I’m going to miss seeing Blago’s hair on my teevee.” — Politico‘s Kasie Hunt in a Monday tweet.

Potentially, sort of, not really close call for Shuster

“Aircraft ‘hydraulic’ problems – serious? On runway, about to takeoff, and went back to gate. Pilot: ‘Glad we caught that on ground.'” — Current TV’s David Shuster in a weekend tweet.