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QUOTES of the DAY: The Ed Henry Edition

Obnoxious at a glance

“We love the RTs, but you know, you could read a lot of these stories by simply feeding 75 cents into a corner newspaper box.” — WaPo‘s seriously attitudinal @postlocal in a Thursday tweet. But maybe shame is the new model for selling newspapers.

Being famous is a full-time job

“Saw Ed Henry at reception for HRH Prince Edward at Capitol last night. Hard to tell who had bigger throng around him: Henry or the Prince.” — Politico‘s majestic Roger Simon in a Thursday tweet.

Gossip writer wants Ed Henry in Bermuda’s

“Hey @EdHenryTV – would you mind sending me a picture of yourself in Bermuda shorts? I need art for the column! #kthanxbye” — Washington Examiner gossip girl Nikki Schwab in a Thursday tweet.

The Observer

“Cantor’s press people are very eager to let press know that the boss has pulled out of debt talks.” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein in a Thursday tweet referencing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.).

Random behavior tip

“Avoid using ‘air quotes’ at all costs.” — D.C.’s Grooming Lounge in a Thursday tweet.

Maturity is…

“Jack Shafer had best beware his high horse. That first step is a doozy.” Journalism Prof and consultant Jeff Jarvis in a Thursday tweet. To which Slate‘s media writer Shafer shot back, “Takes one to know one.”

Is Bret Baier Ed Henry’s new bromance?

“@Bret_Baier Who knew you had great ratings even for 4am repeat too?” — Ed Henry in a Thursday tweet. Henry has had a very open, public bromance with CNN’s Ali Velshi. We’re thinking Velshi may soon be playing second fiddle to Baier.

A Convo Between Two Journos

There’s been much chatter this week about Henry’s leap from CNN to Fox News. Within 24 hours of his announcement on Monday and a lengthy farewell to colleagues and friends, his Twitter handle switched from @edhenrycnn to @edhenryTV even though he was to finish out the week at CNN. And why not have Fox News in his name as he did CNN? Finally, some answers. We have options for Ed should he want to eventually incorporate his new employer into his name: @foxyedhenry, @edthefox, or just simply, @edfoxy. 

Mother Jones’ David Corn: @edhenryTV why not @edhenryFox? too suggestive? 😉

FNC-bound Ed Henry: DavidCornDC I’d be glad to take EdHenryFOX but a jokester took it on Monday so he could be funny — not sure why you think it is big deal.