Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Boybander gets clogged up

“What does it mean when both ears feel like they’re full of water and you have trouble hearing?” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Wednesday tweet. We hope you feel better soon. Call us!

Bernanke’s beard rates high with this journo

“Said it before, but Bernanke has the best beard in public service.” — TIME‘s White House Correspondent Michael Scherer in a Wednesday tweet.

Who else knew this?

“Security canines occasionally have false positives. They sniff something that triggers an alert but is not a threat. Often its anti-freeze. “– CBS White House Radio Reporter Mark Knoller in a Wednesday tweet.

D.C. Vs. NYC

“Re NYers complaining about DC. My take is NYC is a much, much, much better city. DC is a much better place to live.” — NationalReviewOnline‘s Jonah Goldberg in a Wednesday tweet.

TV journos gab about makeup

“Ladies: When you put your foundation/powder on, throw a little on your neck too. Seeing way too many gals with diff color face/neck! blend!” — ABC News Correspondent Yunji de Nies in a Wednesday tweet. To which ABC’s Rick Klein wrote, “Yunjid, only advice for ladies? Male correspondents make this mistake too.”

Unusual afternoon drinking rituals

“At a radio station where they are already drinking beer at 1:30 in the afternoon – a bit odd even for me.” — D.C. Freelancer Mike Elk in a Wednesday tweet.

Old soul Boybander recalls bygone writing rituals

“BREAKING: 18th century writers used a lot of semicolons and wrote very long sentences.” — Lefty blogger Matt Yglesias in a Wednesday tweet.

Why is K.K. giving advice?

“Do something out of the goodness of your heart, not because you want something in return.” — The illustrious Kim Kardashian in a Wednesday tweet. As some may recall, she was FNC’s Greta Van Susteren’s “date” to last year’s WHCA Dinner.

Quick Convo Amongst Journos

Politico’s Jake Sherman: “house dem ldrs to wh tomorrow for mtg w obama”

Roll Call‘s Meredith Shiner: “idk my bff jill?”

TWT‘s Emily Miller: “Jake Sherman, are you tweeting from a bar? ‘house dem ldrs to wh tomorrow for mtg w Obama'”