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From ABC7 roof cam, Wednesday

Is Rush Limbaugh’s brother losing it?

“Memo to Tweeting Leftists scrutinizing my timeline: Yes, I do believe what I Tweet. And, yes, I do think you’re wrongheaded. VERY. EXTREMELY” — Conservative Commentator David Limbaugh in a series of emotional Wednesday tweets. Explanation: “When I stand up for a conservative vs a lib attack the lib often goes thru my timeline and starts Tweet-abusing me for every entry. #COMICAL”

WaPo caters to energy fanatics

“Washington Post vending machines now selling 5-hour energy. Is this progress?” — WaPo‘s Aaron Blake in a recent tweet.

NJ editor questions CBS

“Can understand why Obama not releasing photos. But why CBS sitting on quotes?” — NJ Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier in a Wednesday tweet.

The clash of reporters and flacks

“Reminded today of 1 of my top rules in politics: reporters think they can run better campaigns/flacks think they can write better news.” — GOP Pundit/Consultant Kevin Madden in a Thursday morning tweet.

Obama-Bin Laden fallout…

“I can’t be the only person who both believes that OBL is dead and that U.S. citizens deserve to see a photo for which they paid $1 trillion.” — The Daily Caller’s “Daily Baller” Mike Riggs in a Wednesday tweet.

“I’ve noticed that some progressive males share things in common with terrorists: they both use women as shields, either from truth or harm.” — CNN Contributor Dana Loesch in a Wednesday tweet.

“I’m betting phone numbers sewn into OBL garments were for pizza delivery and movie clock.” — CBS Radio White House correspondent Mark Knoller in a Wednesday tweet.

“Pouring water on a terrorist’s face goes against all our values as Americans. You gotta break into his house and shoot him in the eyes.” — The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher in a Thursday morning tweet.

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