Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


AWKWARD MOMENTS: WaPo‘s Dana Milbank writes this week, “Just interviewed a guy outside State Dept wearing only a jockstrap. (Him, not me.)” Picture posted by Milbank.

Tkacik’s unusual plan for MSNBC’s Matthews

“Can someone impose a definitely-fly zone above Chris Matthews right now?” — Freelance writer and former WCP media blogger Moe Tkacik in a Tuesday tweet.

From one Boy Bander to another

“Norm Dicks citing @EzraKlein (not by name) on floor.” —  Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Tuesday tweet, praising his WaPo pal. Norm Dicks is a Democratic congressman from Washington.

Buttry has name sympathy for Baals

“Though I am no w/o sympathy on the issue of name-based ridicule, I was hoping Harry would get his due: @NPRinskeep” — TBD Community Engagement Director Steve Buttry in a Tuesday tweet. He links here to a story about a building in Fort Wayne, Ind. not being named after Henry Baals (pronounced balls). The building is instead being called “Citizens Square.” Astonishingly, the AP story says, the former mayor chose to pronounce his surname balls despite his descendants saying it like this: bales (like hay).

Journo to Belize

“What do I call a great weekend? Two tickets to Belize = BOOKED. See you soon, la isla bonita…” — Shira Toeplitz, who soon returns to Roll Call after a year at Politico.

Good times: CNN contributor shares hate call

“Call of the day, via my call screener Liz: “I’m sending Dana a truck of Jew food for her Jew kike ass.” #newtone #longerthansugar” — Big Journalism Editor-in-Chief and CNN Contributor Dana Loesch in a Tuesday tweet. Loesch appeared on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” last weekend.

FNC’s Beck trashed at 9:30 Club

Lucinda Williams trashing Glenn Beck at 9:30 Club, calling him ‘condescending’ and ‘patronizing'” — CNN Reporter Peter Hamby in a Tuesday night tweet. Williams is a country, folk, blues singer and songwriter.