Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Dear Readers: We’re still digging our way out from the weekend and the Oscars, so bear with us.

Happy Birthday to Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller, whose birthday party was Sunday.

Charlie Sheen… in the Fishbowl?

“They all started putting me in a Fishbowl. Every Friday night turned into the whisper dialogue about my condition. … It was a really hard situation to work in. It felt kind of weird, it felt creepy, it felt like an intrusion.”  — Actor Charlie Sheen in an interview Monday night on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight.” Sheen said it was unnerving for him to have execs discussing him being too thin, too white and too bloated. He joked about getting a “mental tan.”

Fineman prefers not to be pork chop

“It’s true. I did call Howard “Arianna Huffington’s pork chop in the window.” He laughed but said he would prefer to be another kind of meat.” — Q & A Cafe Host Carol Joynt commenting on her Friday interview with HuffPost’s Howard Fineman. The reference involved Huffington’s hiring Fineman away from Newsweek.

Ambling into puffery

“Nice day to go for a walk and puff on the pipe…” — Comcast/MNSBC/XM Political Analyst Robert Traynham in a weekend tweet. He’s also a professor at George Washington University and a columnist for the Philadelphia Tribune.

A good day to braise?

“Today is a good day to braise.” — Liberal blogger Matt Yglesias in a weekend tweet. (Was Boy Band pal WaPo’s Ezra Klein cooking? What, we weren’t invited? FYI: Braising is a cooking method that encompasses moist and dry heat.)

TIME’s Small remarks on CNN Yellin’s Party

“Love the disappointed Eurotrash coming out of L2, which is closed for @YellinCNN ‘s birthday: closed, what do you mean, private party??” — TIME‘s Jay Newton-Small in a weekend tweet commenting on Jessica Yellin’s birthday party Friday night.

Journo snoozes in taxi

“May be officially too old for Friday night happy hours, at least on Friday nights after ludicrous weeks like this one. Half asleep in cab.” — WCP‘s Managing Editor Mike Madden in a weekend tweet.

Necessary Tweet of the Day

“Cavin’s taking me out for suit shopping and dinner. So I can buy a suit then get too fat for it.” — MetroWeekly Co-Publisher Sean Bugg in a weekend tweet. (Hmmm necessary? Maybe not. But we enjoyed Bugg’s honesty about the possible weight gain.)