Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Prayers and well wishes for Lara Logan

“Prayer time: Please respect CBS News’ correspondent Lara Logan’s privacy. She suffered “sexual assault and beating” last Friday in Cairo.” — Left-wing Pundit Donna Brazile in a Tuesday tweet.

“Sickened by the news of Lara Logan being assaulted. So glad to hear she is safe and recuperating.” — The Daily Beast‘s D.C. Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz in a Tuesday tweet.

“It’s easy to forget how courageous the journalists doing work from places like Egypt are. Prayers for Logan — and gratitude for her work.” — WaPo’s liberal blogger Ezra Klein in a Tuesday tweet.

Invited and uninvited

“OK, come on over if you still can.” — Washington Examiner‘s Mark Tapscott late Tuesday in a bizarre email inviting FishbowlDC once again over to the Examiner newsroom after inviting and uninviting all in a 24-hour span. It took several emails to get Tapscott to offer a straight answer on a recent CPAC panel he appeared on with ex-TWT colleague George Archibald. Archibald wrote about Tapscott’s involvement with a male prostitution sex ring in 1989 that culminated in Tapscott’s resignation from TWT. He has denied the charges and is publicly denouncing Archibald’s upcoming book. More comments from Tapscott on this topic momentarily…

Who calls him ‘Larry?’

“Larry O’Donnell is on Morning Joe right now looking like he just crawled out of bed.” — Human Events Editor Jason Mattera in a Wednesday morning tweet.

Stewart admires congressman’s body

“Dude you’re 46? Where do you find the time?” — The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart on his program Tuesday night regarding Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.), the shirtless congressman. Stewart was admiring Lee’s muscular physique.

Fake Jim V. wants access to Bo

“Ugh, WHY won’t Carney make Bo available for comment on Westminster?!!” — @FakeJimVandeHei in a Tuesday tweet. He’s referring to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and Bo Obama (the prez’s dog). The real Jim VandeHei is Executive Editor of Politico.

Gingrich adopts Politico lingo

“Wait a minute…Newt’s group is called “American Solutions for WINNING THE FUTURE” ???” — The Daily Caller‘s Chris Moody in a Wednesday morning tweet. He’s referring to former House Speaker New Gingrich‘s organization, which is called “American Solutions for Winning the Future.” Soon Gingrich will be telling people he’s “winning the morning.” Sigh.

WaPo reporter admits his diligent ways

“Did I really create a spreadsheet to take notes on my own work, for next year’s WaPo self-eval? Just shoot me now.” — J. Freedom du Lac in a Tuesday tweet.